Trick Of Two Letters To Download Youtube Videos in One Second

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This time i am with one trick that will help you to download YouTube Videos easily. It works great i am using it. Its completely free. To apply this trick there are certain ways one of them simplest way i am sharing with you. Lets start

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Start :

Now basic thing that you want in your phone or computer is Internet , I am joking guys i know you know this, just go to the YouTube.Search the video that you want to download, click to open it. Now your video will start to play.

Now goto the URL area of that video.
Example: i have searched youtube video URL like

Wait :

At URL area of that video just type ss  before youtube keyword present in that URL link. When you will do this, hit for Refreshing the page.
Example: I typed ss before youtube like this

Enjoy :

After hitting search button you will redirect to website.

Your searched URL will appear in textbox shown in the above image. Click on the green arrow button.your video will appear exact below of it . Select your format and click on Download  button,
shortly will your video downloading will start.

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Thank You
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