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On internet there is a lot stuff but we don't know. Some of it may very important and useful for us in day to day life.  In this article i am going to introduce you with a website named
Lets see what it does !

Simply if someone wants to send a private message to another one this website is beneficial for him. The question or idea will arise in your mind that for this i will use a private messenger . Ya you are right but for that you need to sign up and log in somewhere then you can do this but beyond this you can use this website where do not need to sign up or log in.

How to Use It ?

Step 1 : Open the website in any browser of mobile or computer supports everywhere.

Step 2 :  Write your note/ message in given area and click on to create note.

Step 3 : Now website will generate a link and will allow you share this to anyone via Email, Message and others.

Mystery facts of this website is whenever the other user or receptor will read your message by clicking on it the message will get destroyed automatically . There will be no sign of your message. 
So we called it as a secret message. We can create time span for destroying the message like after one hour, two hours or twenty four hours.
In advance option you can encrypt the message with password and later on that you can get the notification in your email when your message gets destroyed.

Use this website to send secret messages and enjoy but don't harm any one .

Thank you
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