Information Security Series - Tunnel Bear VPN

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I am going to write a number of posts regarding Information security and VPN and here is the first article in this series.

You might be aware that the Indian government has started to block huge number of web sites these days and we are very annoyed of these bans over the internet. One way to access the open internet without any restrictions is using a VPN service.

Today I am going to introduce you to a VPN service provided by "Tunnel Bear". VPN is a technology which allows our data to pass through a secure connection.

virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.
VPN encrypts and passes data to the private network. This provides an additional security to your data.

 Tunnel Bear VPN :

First of all you need to create an account on After which the download of VPN client will start automatically.

Install the client to your preferred location. Sign in to the client using your credentials.

After then you'll see the installed client, it has a creative and nice user interface :P  Click the ON switch to connect to closest tunnel and you can even select the country you want to route your traffic through. It may take some time though while connecting as it has to establish a secure and encrypted connection on both ends.

Also one thing you need to keep in mind is that if you have installed any antivirus then you need to provide permissions to Tunnel Bear VPN client to work properly.

In the free version you'll get 500 MB free data tunneling and there is an offer to get additional 1 GB data, you just need to tweet about tunnel bear from your twitter account.

So guys, this is all about Tunnel Bear VPN. I will do more research and find more such great VPN clients available and will write reviews about those in upcoming posts.

Lets keep the information security on first priority while accessing the Internet.
Thank you guys for reading this post, I hope you liked the article, let me know through the comments. More posts are coming in this series so stay tuned. :) 


Wi Fi Internet In Air India Flights

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People always get attracted by Western cultural, their living standard, their working style and mostly their technology.

India is moving forward in its full swing. In railway stations,on bus stops and in cities at popular hubs we are getting Wi Fi internet for free.

Now its time to access internet on flights also using wi fi.Civil Aviation Secretary R N choubey on Wednesday announced that the government may soon allow wi fi internet in flights. Already more 60 countries providing wi fi internet in flights.

This happened because Air India submitted the request to remove the ban of the electronic devices that works on radio signals.

This will be the biggest step in " Make In India ". Because everyone uses internet for their work purpose,for fun.

Now definitely you will not get bored while travelling with Air India.

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Use Microsoft's Edge Browser To Earn Money

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Microsoft has launched a new browser named Edge Browser for Windows. Its not clear that what for other platforms. Microsoft started a new Microsoft Reward system for browser users. Microsoft is going to pay Microsoft Edge users.

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The users  who sign up to Microsoft Rewards are awarded points for using the edge browser up to 30 hours a month and these points can be exchanged for vouchers at Starbucks, Skype,or Amazon.

This system is currently available only to US users. We hope that it will be available soon for other countries.

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In next article i will introduce you Microsoft's Edge Browser with its full Features. 

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Send Secret Messages

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On internet there is a lot stuff but we don't know. Some of it may very important and useful for us in day to day life.  In this article i am going to introduce you with a website named
Lets see what it does !

Simply if someone wants to send a private message to another one this website is beneficial for him. The question or idea will arise in your mind that for this i will use a private messenger . Ya you are right but for that you need to sign up and log in somewhere then you can do this but beyond this you can use this website where do not need to sign up or log in.

How to Use It ?

Step 1 : Open the website in any browser of mobile or computer supports everywhere.

Step 2 :  Write your note/ message in given area and click on to create note.

Step 3 : Now website will generate a link and will allow you share this to anyone via Email, Message and others.

Mystery facts of this website is whenever the other user or receptor will read your message by clicking on it the message will get destroyed automatically . There will be no sign of your message. 
So we called it as a secret message. We can create time span for destroying the message like after one hour, two hours or twenty four hours.
In advance option you can encrypt the message with password and later on that you can get the notification in your email when your message gets destroyed.

Use this website to send secret messages and enjoy but don't harm any one .

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Trick Of Two Letters To Download Youtube Videos in One Second

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This time i am with one trick that will help you to download YouTube Videos easily. It works great i am using it. Its completely free. To apply this trick there are certain ways one of them simplest way i am sharing with you. Lets start

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Start :

Now basic thing that you want in your phone or computer is Internet , I am joking guys i know you know this, just go to the YouTube.Search the video that you want to download, click to open it. Now your video will start to play.

Now goto the URL area of that video.
Example: i have searched youtube video URL like

Wait :

At URL area of that video just type ss  before youtube keyword present in that URL link. When you will do this, hit for Refreshing the page.
Example: I typed ss before youtube like this

Enjoy :

After hitting search button you will redirect to website.

Your searched URL will appear in textbox shown in the above image. Click on the green arrow button.your video will appear exact below of it . Select your format and click on Download  button,
shortly will your video downloading will start.

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