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First tell me guys, Are you getting boared with this ? the situation is here, when you visit a new website during your work to get some information that you need and that website ask for your email id to register. For registration it sends some kind of information link or password then that situation irritates you. It needs to open your email id for this. Someone will do it but after that you will get  lot emails from that website, seriously its very embarrassing.Want to avoid this ? Don't worry i'll tell you How.

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There is a website named that provides you a temporary email id for use but next question will arise into your minds that Is it permanent ? As i already told you its temporary and will be available for you only for 10 minutes with this another feature is given by them is, you can extend your time span by clicking on Refresh Button.

How to use it ?

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Automatically it will assign you a new email id whenever you will visit that website.

Step 3: Now just copy the email id and put wherever you want.

Now look at the image, arrow marked with red color shows the position where your email will arrive.
This website provides you two feature that are, First you can Reply to arrived emails easily and Second you can forward emails to someone else but within given time span otherwise your new email id will get disappear.

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Enjoy it Now.

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