09 Websites To Send Large Files For Free Over Internet

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In day to day life we need to transfer Large files over internet to friends, for work or etc but as the platforms we use to transfer the files they are not capable to do it . If someone trying to send files over Gmail, can send files upto 25 Mb per transaction like this Facebook and other social media platforms are limited .

For my work i need to transfer files which are in GB per transaction without loss. So to hunt this problem i was surfing on internet and i found top 09 websites that send large files which are in GB per  transaction for free over internet so I'm writing this article to share this information to you.

1. WeTransfer

     Send files upto 2 GB and you don't need to have an account.

2. OneDrive

     MIcrosoft's cloud solution. You can send 2 GB file per transaction.

3. JustBeamit

     No limit .Just drag and drop the file on justbeamit website and it will create the shareable link instantly with this link one can download the file.

4.  Dropsend 

     Send file upto 2 GB.

5.  pCloudTransfer

     You can send file upto 5 GB for free.

6.   Infinit 

     You need to download the infinit application its for Mac and Windows. A transfer happen between your computer and the recipient's computer directly.

7.  PlusTransfer

     Unlimited file.No log is required.

8.  GigaTransfer 

     You can send upto 2 GB file per transaction.

9.  99Upload 

      Maximum file size per upload is 20 GB and gives 500 TB upload space per account . upload the file queue and generate the link and share this link to your friends for download the file.

From above 09 websites my favorite file transfer platforms are JustBeamit and Infinit. Share

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