Want To Write Long Tweets More Than 140 Characters On Twitter Then Use This

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Found an interesting website named talltweets . As twitter allows you to write tweets limited with 140 characters to increase the size of your tweets use talltweets.

The talltweets provide two facilities that are Tweet Storm and Tweet Shot .The tweetstorm will slice your long tweet or para. into multiple tweets of 140 characters and tweets them all in sequence automatically. Now the Tweet Shots, the app will convert your rich text into an image, rendered in Google's Roboto font, and posts the picture in a single tweet thus allowing you to bypass the 140 character limit.

Check out the example of tweet storm Click Here and  Check out the example of tweet shot Click Here.

To get this just visit the talltweets website and just sign in with your twitter account . After this it will ask to tweet something with above two facilities then you are done with this.

Take a look at talltweets.

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