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Google is my favorite company that provides huge products and services for making our life great.As we know that Google has developed a lot products including Gmail,Blogger,News,docs,Google+ and many more another one product is launched by Google in US named "Hands Free".

Hands Free is a service provided to do the payments easily without reaching your phones or wallets with security in malls,shops anywhere.
We always get problems while carrying Credit-Debit cards as for each and every transaction we have to provide card details to shopkeeper.

What is Hands Free ?

first you have to register with this app which will ask the Credit-Debit card details, submit these details with your own photo for identification.Hands Free is available into the Play Store.

How does it Work ?

Hands Free uses the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to identify that you are getting into the shop.
As you will enter into the shop for identification cameras will click your photos.Do your purchase and tell to cashier " i'll pay with google " the cashier will get your Hands Free profile details with your image automatically and he will check it against captured photos when he will get confirm then you are done with this.Your transaction will get successful .Images that captured in store and data will get erased immediately.

Now it is available in US only with limited stores.Hands Free is supported for Android (JellyBean V4.2+) and iPhone (4S+)  smartphones.Lets hope that it will work great.

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