Google's Nik Collection Software For Photo-Editing Is Totally Free Now

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Sometimes we need a software to edit our photos with some special effects using this they will look great, For that every time we search Websites, Software, Android Apps and another tools but they ask you to pay for their service , Sometimes we pay for it but we don't get satisfied with their work, So we need something new and more powerful platform to do this all task efficiently.

Let me introduce you a Software named "Nik Collection" which is a photo editing tool and more interesting thing it is of Google. Yes now you will think that ' It is of Google, now I can trust easily'.

Nik is the German company provides the photographic related services and platforms, In 2012 Google bought Nik from then it is of Google.Previously Nik Collection software was not free Its cost was $149 but now Its totally free you can download it from given link for free of cost.

Nik Collection is made for Mac and Windows Platform. In windows it will be more reliable on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software size is around 430 Mb for windows and for Mac it is 590 Mb. Use fastest downloader to download it . Defiantly it will create stunning images faster.

Download Google Nik Collection Software from Here.

After clicking above link you will get forwarded towards the website of Google Nik Collection where at right corner Download Option is given click on that and select your platform i.e Mac or Windows.
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