Reliance Jio To Launch 4G VoLTE Smartphone At Rs 1000

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Ohh my god again surprising news from Reliance Jio, Reliance Jio owner Mukesh Ambani decided to launch 4G VoLTE technology based LYF smartphone. As the Jio team decided the price of this smartphone will be around 1000 RS to 1500 RS.

Getting the knowledge about the smartphone specification some facts are uncleared the basic thing which is announced by the developer team is that the processor going to use is Spreadtrum 9820.
Features like Camera,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and other will be included like other smartphone has.Screen Display will be of 4.5 inch size.

Basically VoLTE stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution and it’s more or less exactly what it says on the tin. It’s voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which are usually used. We tend to think of 4G as mostly being about downloading, streaming and web browsing, and indeed that’s primarily what it’s been used for so far, but it can also be used to improve calls.

Profits when we will use it -
1. Superior call quality
2. Improved coverage and connectivity
3. Better battery life
4.Video calling – It’s also theoretically possible to make video calls over 4G, much like a Skype call   except you’d just use your mobile number and be able to use the regular dialer and call interface, so you can make and receive video calls from anyone else with VoLTE, rather than relying on separate accounts.

Here we can say that all these features will be in Jio's upcoming smartphone.

That was ultimately praise of Reliance Jio but regarding to the services that they are providing question will arise that Are they going to stay on their promise that they made ?

Saying this because Jio speed was 7.2 Mbps in September  and later fall by 20 percent in October they provided 6 Mbps. This speed is  a half of Airtel's 4G as Airtel provides 11.47 Mbps.

But no matter at all, its Reliance group the can manage it very well as they extended the welcome offer to March 2017 for their customers.

Now its time to wait for their smartphone.

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Information Security Series - Tunnel Bear VPN

Hi webious readers,

I am going to write a number of posts regarding Information security and VPN and here is the first article in this series.

You might be aware that the Indian government has started to block huge number of web sites these days and we are very annoyed of these bans over the internet. One way to access the open internet without any restrictions is using a VPN service.

Today I am going to introduce you to a VPN service provided by "Tunnel Bear". VPN is a technology which allows our data to pass through a secure connection.

virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.
VPN encrypts and passes data to the private network. This provides an additional security to your data.

 Tunnel Bear VPN :

First of all you need to create an account on After which the download of VPN client will start automatically.

Install the client to your preferred location. Sign in to the client using your credentials.

After then you'll see the installed client, it has a creative and nice user interface :P  Click the ON switch to connect to closest tunnel and you can even select the country you want to route your traffic through. It may take some time though while connecting as it has to establish a secure and encrypted connection on both ends.

Also one thing you need to keep in mind is that if you have installed any antivirus then you need to provide permissions to Tunnel Bear VPN client to work properly.

In the free version you'll get 500 MB free data tunneling and there is an offer to get additional 1 GB data, you just need to tweet about tunnel bear from your twitter account.

So guys, this is all about Tunnel Bear VPN. I will do more research and find more such great VPN clients available and will write reviews about those in upcoming posts.

Lets keep the information security on first priority while accessing the Internet.
Thank you guys for reading this post, I hope you liked the article, let me know through the comments. More posts are coming in this series so stay tuned. :) 


Wi Fi Internet In Air India Flights

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People always get attracted by Western cultural, their living standard, their working style and mostly their technology.

India is moving forward in its full swing. In railway stations,on bus stops and in cities at popular hubs we are getting Wi Fi internet for free.

Now its time to access internet on flights also using wi fi.Civil Aviation Secretary R N choubey on Wednesday announced that the government may soon allow wi fi internet in flights. Already more 60 countries providing wi fi internet in flights.

This happened because Air India submitted the request to remove the ban of the electronic devices that works on radio signals.

This will be the biggest step in " Make In India ". Because everyone uses internet for their work purpose,for fun.

Now definitely you will not get bored while travelling with Air India.

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Use Microsoft's Edge Browser To Earn Money

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Microsoft has launched a new browser named Edge Browser for Windows. Its not clear that what for other platforms. Microsoft started a new Microsoft Reward system for browser users. Microsoft is going to pay Microsoft Edge users.

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The users  who sign up to Microsoft Rewards are awarded points for using the edge browser up to 30 hours a month and these points can be exchanged for vouchers at Starbucks, Skype,or Amazon.

This system is currently available only to US users. We hope that it will be available soon for other countries.

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In next article i will introduce you Microsoft's Edge Browser with its full Features. 

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Send Secret Messages

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On internet there is a lot stuff but we don't know. Some of it may very important and useful for us in day to day life.  In this article i am going to introduce you with a website named
Lets see what it does !

Simply if someone wants to send a private message to another one this website is beneficial for him. The question or idea will arise in your mind that for this i will use a private messenger . Ya you are right but for that you need to sign up and log in somewhere then you can do this but beyond this you can use this website where do not need to sign up or log in.

How to Use It ?

Step 1 : Open the website in any browser of mobile or computer supports everywhere.

Step 2 :  Write your note/ message in given area and click on to create note.

Step 3 : Now website will generate a link and will allow you share this to anyone via Email, Message and others.

Mystery facts of this website is whenever the other user or receptor will read your message by clicking on it the message will get destroyed automatically . There will be no sign of your message. 
So we called it as a secret message. We can create time span for destroying the message like after one hour, two hours or twenty four hours.
In advance option you can encrypt the message with password and later on that you can get the notification in your email when your message gets destroyed.

Use this website to send secret messages and enjoy but don't harm any one .

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Trick Of Two Letters To Download Youtube Videos in One Second

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This time i am with one trick that will help you to download YouTube Videos easily. It works great i am using it. Its completely free. To apply this trick there are certain ways one of them simplest way i am sharing with you. Lets start

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Start :

Now basic thing that you want in your phone or computer is Internet , I am joking guys i know you know this, just go to the YouTube.Search the video that you want to download, click to open it. Now your video will start to play.

Now goto the URL area of that video.
Example: i have searched youtube video URL like

Wait :

At URL area of that video just type ss  before youtube keyword present in that URL link. When you will do this, hit for Refreshing the page.
Example: I typed ss before youtube like this

Enjoy :

After hitting search button you will redirect to website.

Your searched URL will appear in textbox shown in the above image. Click on the green arrow button.your video will appear exact below of it . Select your format and click on Download  button,
shortly will your video downloading will start.

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Google Duo A Faster Video Calling Tool

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Duo is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone – designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment.Very soon it will be the member of Google Playstore. Skype, Google Hangout and other more services are available that provides the video calling facility then why we need Google Duo ? This is because of following features

Simple interface
Pick a loved one and jump right in, with a simple interface that brings video to the forefront.

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Knock Knock
See the caller before you pick up with Duo’s live preview feature.

High quality video
Experience faster and more reliable video calls whether you’re on WiFi or on-the-go.

Video call all your friends across Android and iOS with just one simple app.

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Google Allo Messaging App Coming Soon

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Allo is a messaging app that makes conversations easier, more productive, and more expressive.
This app is going to launch soon and its completely free as google's other products are, if your are eagar to have this in your smartphone then go to Playstore and Register after that google will notify you when it gets launch.

We hope that google will provide it for all versions of android because its unclear yet. Lets know the features of Google Allo .

The Google assistant
Get answers, find information, and get things done without having to leave your conversation.

Smart Reply
Respond to messages without typing a single word. Smart Reply learns over time and suggests responses in your style. It responds to text and photos to help you keep the conversation going.

Get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them.

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Whisper Shout
No more TYPING IN ALL CAPS to get your point across. Say it louder or quieter by changing the size of your text with a quick swipe.

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Say what you really mean with exclusive stickers designed by independent artists and studios from around the world.

Incognito mode
Chat privately with end-to-end encryption. Control how long your messages stick around with expiring chats. Use private notifications to hide your chats from shoulder surfers.

Share this article with your friends so they can know too.Our Source Google.

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Email ID That Disappears

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First tell me guys, Are you getting boared with this ? the situation is here, when you visit a new website during your work to get some information that you need and that website ask for your email id to register. For registration it sends some kind of information link or password then that situation irritates you. It needs to open your email id for this. Someone will do it but after that you will get  lot emails from that website, seriously its very embarrassing.Want to avoid this ? Don't worry i'll tell you How.

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There is a website named that provides you a temporary email id for use but next question will arise into your minds that Is it permanent ? As i already told you its temporary and will be available for you only for 10 minutes with this another feature is given by them is, you can extend your time span by clicking on Refresh Button.

How to use it ?

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Automatically it will assign you a new email id whenever you will visit that website.

Step 3: Now just copy the email id and put wherever you want.

Now look at the image, arrow marked with red color shows the position where your email will arrive.
This website provides you two feature that are, First you can Reply to arrived emails easily and Second you can forward emails to someone else but within given time span otherwise your new email id will get disappear.

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Enjoy it Now.

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Amazing Place For Documentary Lovers

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We found an interesting website and  providing it towards you. Its for Documentary Lovers. Every One loves to watch the documentaries in different categories, Mostly we love to watch documentaries based on technology having science and fiction with these some of conspiracy documentaries are present there.

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A lot websites are out there provides a good collection of documentaries Some of you search on YouTube and watch what they need then question arise Why there is a need a such kind of website to watch the documentaries on internet ? Simply the answer is Yes. There is a need by using this website we get exact what we want and good content.

The Website is DocumentaryHeaven  .Here you can browse for documentaries. Documentary lovers enjoy it.

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Upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 3 Full Specification

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Always Xiaomi surprised to market and its users.Now Upcoming Xiaomi redmi 3 is having great specifications more than that its expected price is very low comparing its features.


  Dual Sim, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi
  Octa Core, 1.5 GHz Processor
  2 GB RAM, 16 GB inbuilt
  4100 mAH Battery
  5 inches, 720 x 1280 px display
  Memory Card Supported, upto 128 GB
  Android, v5.1
 13 MP Camera with flash
  5 MP Front Camera

    - Battery Not Removable
    - No NFC
    - No Scratch Resistant Front Glass

Its expected price is around Rs- 8000/- . We think that in this amount its a great package of features.

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09 Websites To Send Large Files For Free Over Internet

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In day to day life we need to transfer Large files over internet to friends, for work or etc but as the platforms we use to transfer the files they are not capable to do it . If someone trying to send files over Gmail, can send files upto 25 Mb per transaction like this Facebook and other social media platforms are limited .

For my work i need to transfer files which are in GB per transaction without loss. So to hunt this problem i was surfing on internet and i found top 09 websites that send large files which are in GB per  transaction for free over internet so I'm writing this article to share this information to you.

1. WeTransfer

     Send files upto 2 GB and you don't need to have an account.

2. OneDrive

     MIcrosoft's cloud solution. You can send 2 GB file per transaction.

3. JustBeamit

     No limit .Just drag and drop the file on justbeamit website and it will create the shareable link instantly with this link one can download the file.

4.  Dropsend 

     Send file upto 2 GB.

5.  pCloudTransfer

     You can send file upto 5 GB for free.

6.   Infinit 

     You need to download the infinit application its for Mac and Windows. A transfer happen between your computer and the recipient's computer directly.

7.  PlusTransfer

     Unlimited file.No log is required.

8.  GigaTransfer 

     You can send upto 2 GB file per transaction.

9.  99Upload 

      Maximum file size per upload is 20 GB and gives 500 TB upload space per account . upload the file queue and generate the link and share this link to your friends for download the file.

From above 09 websites my favorite file transfer platforms are JustBeamit and Infinit. Share

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101 Most Used Websites That You Should Know On Internet

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A lot websites with different functions are present on internet but some of them are unknown to us.
I'm writing this article to provide you the websites that are most used by the people.
In this 101 websites are given these will help you a lot .

  • - record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.
  • - capture screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops.
  • shorten long URLs and convert URLs into OR codes.
  • find the original URL that's hiding behind a short URL.
  • qClock- find the local time of a city using a Goo* Map.
  • -copy special characters that aren't on your keyboard.
  • - a better search engine for twitter.
  • - create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc.
  • iconfindercom - the best place to find icons of all sizes.
  • - download templates, clipart and images for your Office documents.
  • - the easiest way to setup email reminders.
  • - scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses.
  • wolfra malpha .com - gets answers directly without searching.
  • printwhatyouli - print web pages without the clutter.
  • - reformats news articles and blog content as a newspaper.
  • - a search engine for RSS feeds.
  • - a simple online timer for your daily needs.
  • - if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CON.
  • - pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
  • - lets you can quickly edit PDFs in the browser itself.
  • PDFs and Presentations directly in the browser.
  • - simultaneously upload videos to WuTube and other video sites.
  • -online voice recognition in the browser itself.
  • scrim -share you email address online without worrying about seam.
  • - now get read receipts for your email.
  • - visualize and compare the size of any product.
  • - quickly determine the font name from an image.
  • - a good collection of open source fonts.
  • - find data hidden in your photographs -see more BitIF tools.
  • livestream .com - broadcast events live over the web, including your desktop screen.
  • -helps you search domains across all TLDs.
  • - design from scratch or re -model your home in 3d.
  • - share you screen with anyone over the web.
  • - recognize text from scanned PDFs - see other OCR toots.
  • Track flight status at airports worldwide.
  • - for sharing really big files online.
  • - the site lets you download free Kindle books.
  • polish - check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • highlight the important parts of a web page for sharing.
  • - work on the same document with multiple people.
  • - planning an event? find a date that works for all.
  • - a less confusing view of the world time zones.
  • - the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.
  • - print music sheets, write your own music online (review).
  • moire - chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place.
  • - translate web pages, PDFs and Office documents.
  • - create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes.
  • - discover new sites that are similar to what you like already.
  • - quick summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.
  • - create mind -maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.
  • - get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs.
  • -share your photos in an album instantly.
  • - when your friends are too lazy to use Google on their owl.
  • - when you need to find the name of a song.
  • bing.conVimages- automatically find perfectly -sized wallpapers for mobiles.
  • - send an online fax for free - see more fax services.
  • feed - get RSS feeds as an email newsletter.
  • - quickly send a file to someone, they can even preview it before downloading.
  • -transfer files of any size without uploading to a third -party server.
  • - setup a private chat room in micro -seconds.
  • - create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.
  • boxoh .com --track the status of any shipment on Google Maps - attemative.
  • - when you need to raise funds online for an event or a cause.
  • - find if your favorite website is offline or not?
  • - find the other websites of a person with reverse Analytics lookup.
  • - find the web host of any website.
  • - found something on Google but can't remember it now?
  • - an online audio editor that lets record, and remix audio clips online.
  • - create a temporary web page that self-destruct.
  • - find definitions of slangs and informal words.
  • - consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight.
  • - download stock images absolutely free.
  • zoom it - view very high -resolution images in your browser without scrolling.
  • -create custom Google Maps easily.
  • - quickly setup email reminders for important events.
  • - Picnik is offline but PicMonkey is an even better image editor.
  • - you can ask or answer personal questions here.
  • - an excellent layer -based online image editor.
  • -find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam.
  • - master touch-typing with these practice sessions.
  • - send video emits to anyone using your web cam.
  • - create timelines with audio, video and images.
  • - make a movie out of your images, audio and video dips.
  • - check the trust level of any website.
  • - a beautiful to-do app that looks like your paper dairy.
  • - you'll need this when your bookmarked web pages are deleted.
  • - quickly capture effective notes during meetings.
  • youtube.corn/leanback-Watch YouTube channels in TV mode.
  • - quickly create a video playlist of your favorite artist.
  • - Send tweets longer than 140 characters.
  • - create a free aid simple website using your Dropbox account.
  • built - find the technology stack of any website.
  • - research a website from the SW perspective.
  • - broadcast live audio over the web.
  • - bookmark online videos and watch them later (review).
  • - add OR codes to your documents and presentations (review).
  • - the easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.
  • - send rich -text mails to anyone, anonymously.
  • - hire people to do little things for $5.
  • - easily manage your online files on Dropbox, Google Does, etc.
  • - create a connection between all your online accounts

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A PhotoMath App - Your Smart Mathematician

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Past two days i was testing an android application , that is so amazing app developed by Micro-blink technology company.Some of the applications are available into the play store that you should have in your smartphone .One of them is " Photomath ". Photomath allows you solve the mathematical problems in easy and smart way.

Photomath reads and solves mathematical problems by using the camera of your mobile device in real-time. Just open the application scan your math problem with complete details  and get the instant results.Now some of you will ask me direct results are not so important we need step by step solution.
that problem is also solved it provides step by step solution in easy form.

You can also enter math problems using an simple and intuitive math keyboard. Results will instantly appear on-screen as you type-also making Photomath a great calculator replacement.

The Photomath is available in Play store for android users and in App store  for ios users.
Click to visit Photomath .

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Want To Write Long Tweets More Than 140 Characters On Twitter Then Use This

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Found an interesting website named talltweets . As twitter allows you to write tweets limited with 140 characters to increase the size of your tweets use talltweets.

The talltweets provide two facilities that are Tweet Storm and Tweet Shot .The tweetstorm will slice your long tweet or para. into multiple tweets of 140 characters and tweets them all in sequence automatically. Now the Tweet Shots, the app will convert your rich text into an image, rendered in Google's Roboto font, and posts the picture in a single tweet thus allowing you to bypass the 140 character limit.

Check out the example of tweet storm Click Here and  Check out the example of tweet shot Click Here.

To get this just visit the talltweets website and just sign in with your twitter account . After this it will ask to tweet something with above two facilities then you are done with this.

Take a look at talltweets.

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The Best Trick To Download Mp3 Songs Directly Using Only Four Words

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While surfing or downloading something on internet ads irritates us to solve this problem while downloading mp3 songs use given trick. It is simple and easy trick just to do it follow the given steps.

1. Open Google and type these words intitle:index.of ? mp3 Song Name. At the position of highlighted word put the song name that you want to download and see what happens.

Click on the first search  result you will get another page with your data.

Now click on the song that you want to download then your download will get started immediately.

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Google's Nik Collection Software For Photo-Editing Is Totally Free Now

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Sometimes we need a software to edit our photos with some special effects using this they will look great, For that every time we search Websites, Software, Android Apps and another tools but they ask you to pay for their service , Sometimes we pay for it but we don't get satisfied with their work, So we need something new and more powerful platform to do this all task efficiently.

Let me introduce you a Software named "Nik Collection" which is a photo editing tool and more interesting thing it is of Google. Yes now you will think that ' It is of Google, now I can trust easily'.

Nik is the German company provides the photographic related services and platforms, In 2012 Google bought Nik from then it is of Google.Previously Nik Collection software was not free Its cost was $149 but now Its totally free you can download it from given link for free of cost.

Nik Collection is made for Mac and Windows Platform. In windows it will be more reliable on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software size is around 430 Mb for windows and for Mac it is 590 Mb. Use fastest downloader to download it . Defiantly it will create stunning images faster.

Download Google Nik Collection Software from Here.

After clicking above link you will get forwarded towards the website of Google Nik Collection where at right corner Download Option is given click on that and select your platform i.e Mac or Windows.
You did it .

Thank You
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Pay With Google Using Hands Free

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Google is my favorite company that provides huge products and services for making our life great.As we know that Google has developed a lot products including Gmail,Blogger,News,docs,Google+ and many more another one product is launched by Google in US named "Hands Free".

Hands Free is a service provided to do the payments easily without reaching your phones or wallets with security in malls,shops anywhere.
We always get problems while carrying Credit-Debit cards as for each and every transaction we have to provide card details to shopkeeper.

What is Hands Free ?

first you have to register with this app which will ask the Credit-Debit card details, submit these details with your own photo for identification.Hands Free is available into the Play Store.

How does it Work ?

Hands Free uses the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to identify that you are getting into the shop.
As you will enter into the shop for identification cameras will click your photos.Do your purchase and tell to cashier " i'll pay with google " the cashier will get your Hands Free profile details with your image automatically and he will check it against captured photos when he will get confirm then you are done with this.Your transaction will get successful .Images that captured in store and data will get erased immediately.

Now it is available in US only with limited stores.Hands Free is supported for Android (JellyBean V4.2+) and iPhone (4S+)  smartphones.Lets hope that it will work great.

Thank You
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Freecharge Allowing Payments Via Chat

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Look at this amazing news that Freecharge is allowing its users to do payments with chat in 5 seconds.With this you can send money to friends and pay to merchants easily. The question arise into the mind that Is it secure or not ?
Freecharge team is assuring that all transactions made with this facility will be secure and fast.This facility is firstly going to be available to android users  and then to ios users.

Here problem can occur if by mistake we did transaction to a wrong person or merchant then what ? How will i get my money back ?
Don't worry about this.We hope that they have already  taken this into the consideration and they will provide best service with this to us as usual.

Till this date that facility is not provided on freecharge app, but within few days it will be there at your service.

Thank You
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Li-Fi Technology Beyond The Expectations

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After a Long time i'm writing, but its said that never wait to do something new. This time we are going to look on a best technology called Li-Fi. It is Light Fidelity a way of transmitting data at large speed towards Smartphones, laptops and PCs.When the heading stuck into the mind it look like the Wi-Fi. The question will arise into your minds thats Is it Like Wi-Fi or something different ?
Don't worry I'm here to tell you to get deep understanding of this subject we have to through different following steps.
Lets Start

Wi-Fi Limitations

Capacity: Wireless data is transmitted through radio waves which are limited and expensive. It has a limited bandwidth. With the rapidly growing world and development of technologies like 3G, 4G and so on we are running out of spectrum.
Efficiency: There are 1.4 million cellular radio base stations that consume massive amount of energy. Most of the energy is used for cooling down the base station instead of transmission. Therefore efficiency of such base stations is only 5%.
Availability: Availability of radio waves is a big concern. It is not advisable to use mobile phones in aero planes and at places like petrochemical plants and petrol pumps. 
 Security: Radio waves can penetrate through walls. They can be intercepted. If someone has knowledge and bad intentions, they may misuse it. This causes a major security concern for Wi-Fi.

        What is Li-Fi Technology ?
        Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi is transmission of data through illumination by taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through an LED light bulb  that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. Li-Fi is the term some have used to label the fast and cheap wireless communication system.
         Li-Fi uses visible light instead of Gigahertz radio waves for data transfer.It offers much larger frequency band (300 THz) ,RF communications is (300GHz).

         Li-Fi can be the technology for the future where data for laptops, smart phones, and tablets will be transmitted through the light in a room. Security would not be an issue because if you can‘t see the light, you can‘t access the data.

         The idea of Li-Fi was introduced by a German physicist,Harald Hass.Li-Fi is a fast and cheap optical version of Wi-Fi. It is based on Visible Light Communication (VLC) VLC is a data communication medium, which uses visible light between 400THz (780 nm) and 800 THz (375 nm) as optical carrier for data transmission.

 The main components of Li-Fi system are as follows:
                 A) A high brightness white LED which acts as a transmission source.
                 B) A silicon photodiode with good response to visible light as the receiving element.
LEDs can be switched on and off to generate digital strings of different combination of 1s and 0s. To generate a new data stream, data can be encoded in the light by varying the flickering rate of the LED.The LEDs can be used as a sender or source for Parallel data transmission.

        Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11n Speed is 150 Mbps.Bluetooth Speed is 3 Mbps.IrDA 4 Speed is Mbps.
          Li-Fi Speed is More than1 Gbps .


         Capacity: Light has 10000 times wider bandwidth than radio waves.
       Efficiency: Data transmission using Li-Fi is very cheap. LED lights consume less energy and are highly efficient.
         Availability: Availability is not an issue as light sources are present everywhere.
         Security: Light waves do not penetrate through walls. So, they can‘t be intercepted and misused.
         Education systems :Class Rooms
         Medical Applications : OPD’s
         Cheaper Internet in Aircrafts and Trains
         Underwater applications
         Applications in sensitive areas : Power plants
         In cars
         At Homes and many more

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