Free wireless speakers for your laptop using android phone

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Wired headphones offers top sound quality when compared to wireless and also doesn’t require charging or batteries but in some cases where the wire length is not sufficient, wireless headphones can come to the rescue. 

But considering the price and poorer sound quality, wireless headphones are not something you wanna buy as in the same price you can get mind blowing sound output with wired ones. The times wireless headphones being useful are not very often right? So I found a great (and for Free!) alternative way towards the solution.

Let’s cut to the chase and see what we are going to do today… Ready? 

What do we require?  Android phone and a wireless router (Router is optional as you can use your laptop’s Wi-Fi hotspot instead)
We are going to use this awesome (and free!!) app: SoundWire to treat android as our wireless speaker for our Laptop / PC.

Download SoundWire server from here: SoundWire server
And android app from here: Google Play Store

SoundWire is available for both Windows and Linux 
After downloading and installing Soundwire server and client Follow these steps:

    *  Connect both the devices in same Wi-Fi network. 
   *   The soundwire server will display the IP address of your Laptop and you have to put the same in         your android app. 
SoundWire Android App
*  You can also choose the input source of audio from server as well as can record it parallel to a mp3 file if you want (Optional step ).

At first there might be a lag of sound of like 2seconds at most but you can tweak some settings inside the app to get the perfect experience.
As per my experience it’s giving wired speaker like quality and with no lag after doing some changes in app settings.

* And yes you can connect multiple android clients to server (But you might require the paid version of the app)

Here are my settings:
Audio buffer size: 16k(Small buffer size means less quality but less Lag also.)
Compression bit rate: 256kbps (higher compression less network usage.)

So, you can play around with the settings and can get the audio output quality as you want.Basically this is nothing but “Audio Streaming over Wi-Fi”. You can simply connect your wired headphones to android and move around your house listening to the Laptop kept at one place (Isn’t it cool?).

Guys that’s it I hope you enjoyed this article as I enjoyed writing it. Will share such cool ideas with you through the Webious Blog. Stay Tuned and Enjoy the Music.


Make calls over WiFi - WiFi calling by Verizon

Hey Webbers,

Verizon customers will be able to make phone calls over a just a wifi internet connection. This facility started from 8 Dec.

Now, this feature will be available first on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

AT & T launched advanced calling already. They have provided this facility on IOS smartphones iPhone 6,iPhone 6 plus ,iPhone 6s .
How to Use ?

Firstly you have to update your software version.

Then enter into the Settings then enable advanced calling mode.

Now it will search for wi fi connection to make the normal call or video call.

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