Why This Amazing Android App Is Not Installed In Your Smartphone Yet ? Don't Miss It.

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We always try to get  something new to you and which is most important so in this article we have that.

We have used many android applications that are of browsers, players,social,storage and many more.Today I am also going to introduce you an android application named  " Helpchat ".Definately it is going to be your personal assistant.

Allow me to tell you that who is the Founder of HelpChat :

"Ankur Singla " the Founder and CEO of Helpchat, first helpchat was introduced with name " Ashoka " . Ankur Singla is a Lawyer by qualification. He switch off his job and developed " Helchat " for us.

Is this Fantastic and How it works ?
Totally ,Fully fantastic android app.

Let me ask you a question ,
What you do when you want some information ?

The answer is you get the number from anywhere and you just call customer care.
and you know what happens when you call customer care you never get connection with them easily and if this happened then you never get satisfaction.

so, What if you have a live man present there to assist you for 24 X 7 within a fraction of second. For each and every company that are in market there is live assistant on HelpChat. Thousands of companies with there live personal assistant waiting for your query about their product. Think How Big is this ?
From " Adhar card corp." to " Audi ", A to Z companies and For Hospitals ,ATM, Movies, Ticket Bookings everything is present there.
Look at the images you will get all.

Just open the the company menu whom would you need to talk and just ask whatever you want but for this you will need a "Internet Connection".
you can get this application from Play store.
Really an awesome thing. Definitely you will like it.

Thank You.
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