Bored With As Usual Smartphone Look ? Try This Extreme Awesome Thing

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We buy a smartphone different than others then after some time period we get bore with its look, as usual look irritate us then we get nervous but don't worry we have something for you.

As i always says " Everything is manageable" You can change  your smartphone look by using different fonts and launchers.

We have many more launchers in playstore but using them smartphone becomes slower. so we need simple,easy and faster look changer so that we are going to use Fonts.
There are many apps that provides different fonts but not like " iFont ". It provides a huge collection of Fonts. It is available into the play-store for free.

How to install fonts ?

Step 1:
Download the iFont application from play-store and let it get installed.

Step 2:
Open ifont, choose a English caption.
Now Font list will get loaded.choose a font that you it.

Step 3:
On next screen you will get download option at below,click it.Your download will get start.if not yet try again.

Step 4:
when your download gets complete the download button will change into Set button. To set this font click it.
Directly in Settings -> Display menu will get open.

At last :
In Display scroll it down until you get font.
click on font.A new menu will get open which will show you number of Fonts installed in your smartphone Now select newly installed font by remembering its name.When you will done this Your mobile will not get restarted and surely this will not cause any harms to your mobile.Now Enjoy.

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