USB C : a new and amazing usb standard is rising with reversible jack...

You must have heard this word USB C if you checked specs of the new chromebook pixel or macbook  or even some of the new other devices.  The macbook has only two ports, A headphone jack and a usb c port.
The USB C serves a lot of functions including charging the laptop,connectivity,hard drive connection, video connectivity and nearly everything you can think of (From a port obviously :) ).

USB C also called as usb 3.1 type c is a new standard. It is very slim compared to its predecessors and gives a huge file transfer capacity of about 10 GB/s (Twice as fast as usb 3.0 ) .Also it can transfer upto 100watts of power. It looks a lot like a micro USB jack.

Upcoming laptops, mobiles, tablets and pretty much all type of digital devices are going to give a usb c port and therfore a universal charger can be used with all these devices.

An important thing about usb c is it is backward compatible so an USB C device can be connected to a device with older version USB ports.

You will be very happy to know that USB C is reversible, which means you can plug the cable to the port upside down or in reverse. So its ending the computer humor saying that at an average 3 trials are required to fit a usb cable to port.

Here are some configuration examples of usb c:

Currently usb 3c is in a very early stage but soon you will find these everywhere. So that's it till now, have a nice techie day and do not forget to visit again.

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