MINI PCs - A new concept, your desktop tower is of a 4inch square box now

In the upcoming months or years may be, you are going to see these mini pc's lying around. Being a
complete pc and more importantly its very compact size, these pc's will surely become the preference
of people ahead of a giant desktop tower.

You can see many of such pc's over net, Lenovo,Intel,Gigabyte,Zotac,HP and many more companies have already introduced their products and many more are going to come in upcoming years.

Today we are specially talking about "Intel Nuc- Power in the Palm of Your Hand" Mini PC. Its possibly the most interesting and also affordable in these product types.

Intel NUC comes with an 5th Generation intel core i5-5250U processor, its i7 varient is coming soon.
It does not come with a HDD or SSD, but you are supposed to buy one and install it into the nuc.
It has support of a 2.5" HDD or a M.2 SSD.
NUC supports upto 16 Gigs of RAM in dual channel DDR3 supported slots, but doesn't come with one.

So you are the one picking up the RAM online or at local store, whatever and put it inside the NUC.

So actually this NUC is a 50% of a full fledged desktop but is quite flexible about its configuration and specs. Remaining 50% of the firepower are supposed to be bought and installed by you.

It has Intel graphics 6000 being capable of working with a 4K video, You can connect your monitor
through a mini HDMI port. It provides 4 3.0 USB ports.

Nuc has an Intel Lan card so you can connect it to ethernet through the port but
you have to manually buy and install a wireless card if you need one as nuc doesn't come with that. An IR sensor is provided however so you can controll your PC from a remote.
A headphone jack is provided so you can create your home theater system using nuc.

NUC works on 12-19V DC input, you will get a power adapter inside the box, You will also get a VESA mounting bracket so you can easily mount it to the wall.

Intel says NUC is good as a Desktop replacement, kiosk, gaming pc, home theater system,everyday computing etc. but in gaming segment, as usual due to the only graphics as on chip intel graphics, NUC struggles to keep up with even moderate frame rate games also.

There are different varients available in the NUC family you can visit this link to select your
preferred specs.

So that was all about this sizzling hot NUC, which of course fits in the palm of hand and does the
job of a regular PC in a very nice manner.

There are many more mini PC's like this to come to the consumer market and will be better than this. But Intel NUC is a nice option if you are trying to get the same specs. in smaller size.

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