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In our life we watch movies like IronMan,Avengers,MissionImpossible and many more movies where a lot technological gadgets and Robots are shown having amazing technology-Nano technology.Heroes Use them for fighting against bad guys.Later more we get impressed when we watch movies based on hacking like DieHard 4 , At that time the question rises into minds that Why don't we have this ? and What will happen If i have this ?  Don't worry guys i have surprise for you.

We spend a lot time on internet for our job work or on social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google+,Youtube or on other websites for downloading Videos,Songs etc.then that can be from mobile or Pcs.  These Companies are more powerful and secure But
                                               " You never know what will happen next" .

Why there is a need to get hiden on Internet ?

When we are on web we get traced in this Your location will get known .With location one important thing will get open that is your IP address.If someone else have this then you can be hacked.Your data,images,important documents can stolen easily.we are using this method this is also one kind of hacking but this is for being safe and secure.

Note:Don't use this while making online transaction just use it for surfing purpose only.

You will need a Tor Browser. It can download from here Tor .The browser is available for Windows,Linux,Apple OS X and smartphones also but just check out the instructions given on their website.

After downloading Tor Browser install it and open the folder you will get the browser.just click on application file and use it.It is totally free.

What will happen when i will use Tor ?

Your IP address will get change while surfing and your location will not get traced but you will get the speed as per your plan.Enjoy safe surfing..

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