USB C : a new and amazing usb standard is rising with reversible jack...

You must have heard this word USB C if you checked specs of the new chromebook pixel or macbook  or even some of the new other devices.  The macbook has only two ports, A headphone jack and a usb c port.
The USB C serves a lot of functions including charging the laptop,connectivity,hard drive connection, video connectivity and nearly everything you can think of (From a port obviously :) ).

USB C also called as usb 3.1 type c is a new standard. It is very slim compared to its predecessors and gives a huge file transfer capacity of about 10 GB/s (Twice as fast as usb 3.0 ) .Also it can transfer upto 100watts of power. It looks a lot like a micro USB jack.

Upcoming laptops, mobiles, tablets and pretty much all type of digital devices are going to give a usb c port and therfore a universal charger can be used with all these devices.

An important thing about usb c is it is backward compatible so an USB C device can be connected to a device with older version USB ports.

You will be very happy to know that USB C is reversible, which means you can plug the cable to the port upside down or in reverse. So its ending the computer humor saying that at an average 3 trials are required to fit a usb cable to port.

Here are some configuration examples of usb c:

Currently usb 3c is in a very early stage but soon you will find these everywhere. So that's it till now, have a nice techie day and do not forget to visit again.


MINI PCs - A new concept, your desktop tower is of a 4inch square box now

In the upcoming months or years may be, you are going to see these mini pc's lying around. Being a
complete pc and more importantly its very compact size, these pc's will surely become the preference
of people ahead of a giant desktop tower.

You can see many of such pc's over net, Lenovo,Intel,Gigabyte,Zotac,HP and many more companies have already introduced their products and many more are going to come in upcoming years.

Today we are specially talking about "Intel Nuc- Power in the Palm of Your Hand" Mini PC. Its possibly the most interesting and also affordable in these product types.

Intel NUC comes with an 5th Generation intel core i5-5250U processor, its i7 varient is coming soon.
It does not come with a HDD or SSD, but you are supposed to buy one and install it into the nuc.
It has support of a 2.5" HDD or a M.2 SSD.
NUC supports upto 16 Gigs of RAM in dual channel DDR3 supported slots, but doesn't come with one.

So you are the one picking up the RAM online or at local store, whatever and put it inside the NUC.

So actually this NUC is a 50% of a full fledged desktop but is quite flexible about its configuration and specs. Remaining 50% of the firepower are supposed to be bought and installed by you.

It has Intel graphics 6000 being capable of working with a 4K video, You can connect your monitor
through a mini HDMI port. It provides 4 3.0 USB ports.

Nuc has an Intel Lan card so you can connect it to ethernet through the port but
you have to manually buy and install a wireless card if you need one as nuc doesn't come with that. An IR sensor is provided however so you can controll your PC from a remote.
A headphone jack is provided so you can create your home theater system using nuc.

NUC works on 12-19V DC input, you will get a power adapter inside the box, You will also get a VESA mounting bracket so you can easily mount it to the wall.

Intel says NUC is good as a Desktop replacement, kiosk, gaming pc, home theater system,everyday computing etc. but in gaming segment, as usual due to the only graphics as on chip intel graphics, NUC struggles to keep up with even moderate frame rate games also.

There are different varients available in the NUC family you can visit this link to select your
preferred specs.

So that was all about this sizzling hot NUC, which of course fits in the palm of hand and does the
job of a regular PC in a very nice manner.

There are many more mini PC's like this to come to the consumer market and will be better than this. But Intel NUC is a nice option if you are trying to get the same specs. in smaller size.

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Hide Your Identity On Internet for Secure Surfing

 Hey Webbers

In our life we watch movies like IronMan,Avengers,MissionImpossible and many more movies where a lot technological gadgets and Robots are shown having amazing technology-Nano technology.Heroes Use them for fighting against bad guys.Later more we get impressed when we watch movies based on hacking like DieHard 4 , At that time the question rises into minds that Why don't we have this ? and What will happen If i have this ?  Don't worry guys i have surprise for you.

We spend a lot time on internet for our job work or on social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google+,Youtube or on other websites for downloading Videos,Songs etc.then that can be from mobile or Pcs.  These Companies are more powerful and secure But
                                               " You never know what will happen next" .

Why there is a need to get hiden on Internet ?

When we are on web we get traced in this Your location will get known .With location one important thing will get open that is your IP address.If someone else have this then you can be hacked.Your data,images,important documents can stolen easily.we are using this method this is also one kind of hacking but this is for being safe and secure.

Note:Don't use this while making online transaction just use it for surfing purpose only.

You will need a Tor Browser. It can download from here Tor .The browser is available for Windows,Linux,Apple OS X and smartphones also but just check out the instructions given on their website.

After downloading Tor Browser install it and open the folder you will get the browser.just click on application file and use it.It is totally free.

What will happen when i will use Tor ?

Your IP address will get change while surfing and your location will not get traced but you will get the speed as per your plan.Enjoy safe surfing..

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Thank You.


MI4 user reviews,battery performance and more

As you know, MI4 is already available in Indian market and it's became upto 4 to 5 months from its release.So heres a special article for those who want to buy this phone and know how other users of MI4 are feeling.

MI4 is a powerful phone given by xiaomi to users, being a quad core with a 3GB RAM and adreno 330 GPU.

With these specs, this phone is capable of high end gaming and also comes with a nice camera of 13 MP with LED flash.MI4 is priced at 20,000 on Flipkart and has internal memory of 16GB with no option for external SD slot.

The hot thing about this phone is its 440 ppi display capable of playing videos of 1080p so it's a HD screen.Another interesting feature is the IR sensor given in the phone with which you can control most of the  TVs.

Its OS is obviously android kitkat with a MiUi skin. Its perfect to use for longer times given its battery is of 3080 mAh.

So that's what xiaomi provides to users in MI4. Let's now hear what the MI4 users are saying.
These reviews are collected from various sites and these are as per their own experiences.

Reviews from FlipKart:

1] This phone is a heating bar
  -Look and feel is fantastic. Screen resolution is also very good. The big issue is heat. I have used this phone for 2 days and I feel my ears are burning.
  -Phone is getting over heated and emits burning smell after 14 min video recording
  -Initially we felt an uncomfortable heat after 3 minutes of video recording, after 14 minutes we noticed my phone is getting over heated and emits burning smell.
2] Heating issue while charging.
 Battery issue, 3080 mah should last 1.5 days, however barely lasts a day.
 Very few genuine accessories available right now, need to wait, flipkart should work on this.

3] It produce more heat when I use to talk less then 5 minutes. It generates more heat when I use camera. But phone is very stylish in the front, very good UI and its features all good. If they reduced the heat, and they provided the expandable memory slot and they reduced the price it will be the top.

 4] -it heats like hell when we play games.
For eg: when i played asphat 8 for 2 minutes then i checked its temperature it was more than 50 c
 -its camera gives greenish and yellowish effect when we use its flash light specially in room light condition or in no light condition .it will make your face fully yellowish when you will use its flash light but In daylight condition (without flash light) it capture good photos.
 -some who are thinking that this is 4g device are wrong . this is 3g device (old version) (not 4g lte)

According to these reviews the users are experiencing problems about heat emit from the phone I guess the battery is not keeping up with this powerful specs.
5] REVIEW AFTER USING 1 WEEK.............
Best things
- Awsm selfie phone.
- A display with 441 ppi means what??? really came to know after using it.
- Battery life 1.5 day with 20-30 camera clicks & 24 hrs 2g net....too good for me.
- Gaming / touch feel/ video recording experience very good.
- Universal remote...easy to operate T.V.

Areas to be improved
- 13 MP rear camera - pics below expectations when watch in computer
- Bakwaas music/ sound (biggest concern)
- Not good for Low light photography.
- No headphone with phone.
- Little bit heating issue while u charging the mobile (if mobile is not shut down).

Amazing and powerful
have no issues with the handset..for me it is simply the best and is working perfectly without any issues..yes the battery may be a bit over-rated

6] Awesome phone in within 20k

Light in weight inspite of metal body.
Superb finishing
touch is very sensitive
display is vibrant and viewing angle is awesome.
Camera quality is too good for both Back and Front.
Many little but awesome features in MIUI6


16 GB memory and not expandable (12.3 user available) which reaches 10 GB with few basic apps

Battery will take almost 3 hrs to full charge

Back is so slippery you will need back cover immediately

All in all its much much better than many phones which comes in 30-40k price range

7] Amazing product
Awesome product. Worth for money.
Front camera is good. Battery is slightly over-rated. Doesn't behave the way it should.
There seems to be some issue with Whatsapp notifications doesn't comes up timely. I know XIOMI will fix this.
All in all amazing product. Better than all the products in the price range.
More I use it more i fell in love with it.

8] Smoooooth...worth every penny
Working as efffectively and smoothly as the hype of the phone. Very good gaming experience.

Drawbacks: Internal memory, Not the whole body is of metal. There is only the metal rim around like iphone.

In this price range, this is undoubtedly damn good phone.

These are some of the full description reviews of MI4 users which might be useful to you if you are planning to buy a MI4.
This phone is rated as 3.9 at average on Flipkart and according to me in spite of  heated battery on occasions, this phone is worth to buy. In this price range this phone still has big user base.

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