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VLC - MetroX by Maverick07x
Are you bored with VLC's user interface? (Just like me) then this is the article for you

VLC is the most used media player which supports nearly all video formats and provides rich features.
[For those who don't have VLC: Here's the link to get latest version of vlc both 32 and 64 bit at My favorite software site ]
I like VLC and each time I update VLC, It disappoints me with the same UI (However the background features
get improved)

Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked.

Thats why I like to use themes on such apps and in this article I'm gonna show you the same for VLC.

It will only change the look, the working and background functioning is the same.
First things first, You can get the vlc themes from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/skins.php but
these are not that attractive but worth to give it a try.
You can simply search google for "VLC themes" and google will bombard you with cool sites with beautiful themes.(The standard but long drive way )
If you want to give your vlc a look like mine as shown in picture above then visit

Download the .rar file from the button on right top corner of the webpage.
Uncompress it and you will get a file with .vlt extension.

Create a folder anywhere in your folder to save all your vlc themes.I made the folder inside vlc in
C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC (so that I can place my all themes there and can remember the path
easily), you can have that folder anywhere you want though.

Now open vlc and go to preferences, select "use custom skin" instaed of "select native style"
Then give the path of your .vlt file below and hit save.
Restart the vlc player and you should see the change.

If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.

BUGS(only valid for this theme- Metro X 2.6.1 ):
There are some bugs in this particular skin, sometimes my 'alt+f4' doesn't work but it's ok for me.
If you can't see the control buttons because the videos are bigger than the screen resultion this should help:
- Preferences -> Interface Settings -> Look & Feel
- Switch to "Use native style"
- Uncheck "Resize interface to video size"
- Switch back to "Use custom skin"
- Save and close.
Play a video smaller than your resolution - now all movies should be the same size

Change Colors:
You can change the theme's color scheme from
the settings menu you get after clicking the icon like ... after the playback timer.

This is looking cool, isn't it.You can check similar beautiful themes in the same webpage at right panel.
Thanks for reading and if you liked this article, share it. The comments box is always open for your queries and comments.

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