Net Neutrality victory- FCC approves Net Neutrality

Today, FCC (Federal Communications Commission )approved net neutrality. Which means it is a win for all
net users like us who believe in having open net and same for all.

In Feb 2014, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler released a plan against net neutrality, which would allow some
big companies who pay for, to have a fast lane of internet. ISPs(Internet Service Providers) could have
used it to increase their profit by increasing cost for fast internet and hence reducing the bandwidth provided
to normal user.

This plan was put on hold and today, 27th Feb 2015 FCC approved net neutrality.
Many people were fighting for Net Neutrality, and telephone, broadband companies were trying their best
against this. Without net neutrality the small businesses, entrepreneurs would have to pay more to stay in the
competition but now with this approval the net is fair to all again.

If you are interested to know more about Net Neutrality,  visit
Long Live The Internet. 

Jayesh Kulkarni

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