Know till when your "Laptop Battery" is going to walk with you :Get to Know your remaining battery life

99.99% Laptops perform bad in Battery life section (Which are the remaining 0.01% Laptops: I'll tell you in upcoming posts) Usually 2 to 3 years is the average Battery life of laptops(harsh to hear but True!!)

Our laptop battery doesn't charge to its full capacity with more and more charge cycles. And along with the time it loses its capacity and one day your laptop gets converted to a desktop( :(  Not literally.. ) that means Your battery will be dead or very weak.

We can not keep the battery to charge to its full capacity but there is a way in windows to check
the percentage to which your battery is charging. Actually its a secret Diagnostics Tool Provided by Windows.
It will give you the full Diagnostics Report for your laptop battery.It will contain the warnings, errors and
some advice about your battery life.

Here's something funny:

To Get this full diagnostics report here are the simple steps:

1) In start menu search for "cmd" In results right click to "Command prompt" and click "Run as Administrator"
2)Type in the cmd below lines
powercfg -energy -output \Energy_Report.html 

It will take 1 minute to analyze battery performance and generate the report.
You will see this line After successfully completing the process "See C:\Energy_Report.html for more details"
3) you can now check the report at C:\Energy_Report.html
4) In Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report Check the warnings and errors.
5) To view the charging capacity of your battery head over to
   "Battery:Battery Information"

In this section Design capacity is the full capacity of battery and last full charge tells the current
capacity of battery.
For newer Laptops the last charge capacity will be near to full capacity and older ones will show huge decrease in battery capacity.

Watch this image it shows a newer battery on left side and an older one in right side.

So Now you can check how your battery is performing. In one of my next article I will tell you some very useful tips to make battery live longer.

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  1. Very Useful article, my battery is charging upto 50% of total only.