How to Make Gmail Account More Secure

we get sometime more trouble with our gmail account due to some cause we access our gmail account through  cyber cafe, using friends mobile,laptop etc at this situation in hurry we don't logout our gmail account this cause hacking our personal info,database or any other information.

To prevent this we got a trick , we can use the facility provided by Google i.e " Two Step Verification "

What is Two Step verification ?

Two Step verification is the facility by using it we can patch (connect ) our mobile number to our gmail account.This prov ides whenever we will go to access or open our gmail account Google will send a verification code to our registered mobile then using this code we will get log in to Gmail account.
It is totally free of cost no charges are going to apply as well as no need of internet on mobile to get this
code on mobile its simple as Normal message arrives on mobile.
one thing more i want to share you whenever you will going to log in Gmail you will get New code on mobile so for every login code will change and you need not need to save previous code , at another login previous code will be useless...
your original password will remains same it will not going to change and it is must required while logging

How to set this to Gmail ?

Step 1 : first login to your Gmail account with your username and password..

Step 2: Now At right corner where your profile photo appears click on profile photo or another hint click there from you get sign out your gmail account there click on a "Account setting" a new screen will appear.

Step 3: Now click on 2 step verification and follow the instructions you will get asked for mobile number and more just fill it and now your account  is set.Now just get a try to log in your account.with your user name and password a new screen will appear like this

  Step 4 : check out your mobile your code will be in your message box put that  code in shown above and click on verify..

Step 5 : You will get your mails in front of you.

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