How To access Laptop from Mobile Fully

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Each and every day we think that How we can access the Laptop from mobile that means if this happens then we can get all the control of the laptop in this we can play movies,videos,accessing ms office files and more everything that you want.What you think it can happen or not ? the answer is
Yes .

As the answer is Yes lets get know about this more in this article we are going to see How to access Laptop from Mobile in easy and simple way without any cost.You will think that you will need to have internet with huge speed.In this case if your laptop is at long distance from you like out of WI-FI range then only you will need a internet connection on your both devices. Not only you can play the content but also you can have the meetings,conference with employes.

In above I mentioned wi-fi range, Yes its all going to happen on your Laptop and Mobile wifi connection without a penny . Now I think that you are more excited Lets see without wasting time.

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Step 01 : To do this you will need a software named " Team Viewer" ,I think you all are known and familiar to this software. Its compatible with all versions of Microsoft Operating System.Its all about .exe file of Team Viewer but what about mobile we can not run .exe file in mobile so to handle this there is a app of Team Viewer in Play Store .You can download team viewer software from here TeamViewer.

Step 02 : Dowload the software and install it into your laptop with this download the app from android market and install it in your mobile.One important think we have to get into mind that is both the Laptop and mobile should be Wi fi enabled otherwise it will not work. Open both softwares it will look like

Desktop :


If your Laptop is connected to internet then automatically user id and password will get filled automatically  on desktop shown above in desktop version.

Step 03 : But what should we do ? when laptop is not connected to internet and how get this user id and password at that time you should change the settings like
On laptop software click on extras then Options in General Menu you will get incoming Lan connections make it Accept. Now you will get your user id and password.

Step 04 : Now its time to get connect and handle Laptop on your mobile put the user id of laptop into mobile where TeamViewer partners id is asked. Now click on Remote control on mobile.
After that we will get asked for password now put password shown below user id of laptop in mobile.
Here its wait for a while and the laptop screen will appear on mobile .Sometimes your laptop screen wallpaper will get change don't get worried about it. In settings you can arrange the quality , speed etc.

we can do alot things using team viewer software its a damn good more thing its not going to harm your mobile.Access things and Enjoy .

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  1. It Works without internet and that's the important thing about it