Net Neutrality victory- FCC approves Net Neutrality

Today, FCC (Federal Communications Commission )approved net neutrality. Which means it is a win for all
net users like us who believe in having open net and same for all.

In Feb 2014, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler released a plan against net neutrality, which would allow some
big companies who pay for, to have a fast lane of internet. ISPs(Internet Service Providers) could have
used it to increase their profit by increasing cost for fast internet and hence reducing the bandwidth provided
to normal user.

This plan was put on hold and today, 27th Feb 2015 FCC approved net neutrality.
Many people were fighting for Net Neutrality, and telephone, broadband companies were trying their best
against this. Without net neutrality the small businesses, entrepreneurs would have to pay more to stay in the
competition but now with this approval the net is fair to all again.

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Long Live The Internet. 


How To Buy The Best Memory Cards

Hey Webbers

If there will be a famous invention in Technological field then without doubt that will be Memory i.e Storage.All we are familiar about Memory,When we heard this word the device pictures came into our minds are Hard Disk,Ext.HDD,Pen Drives,DVD and CDs and at last but not least The Memory Cards which we use in our mobiles,tablets,smartphones or Just we use them as a storage.
As we know that these are very small in shape but still they can store a lot data based on there capacity. These are in different types based on capacity like 2 GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32 GB and more here GB indicates Gigabyte in which we can store thousands of songs and many more stuff.

we have discussed about the capacity of memory cards now question will arise that Which brand of memory card should we choose ? as already there are multiple companies providing memory cards or sd cards like samsung, sandisk, hp,Transcend, Kingstone, Lexar etc

Whenever we need to buy a new memory card we choose one brand among above and we describe and trust one name for quality at that time we deal in loss.Don't worry i will tell you how to overcome this problem and get the best deal.

                                          " Electronic things have less life "

Lets talk about card capacity if you are going to buy a card of 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 Gb and above none of company will provide you exact storage capacity if the card is of 8 gb you will get around 7.56  Gb and for 16 gb you will get 14.73 gb .Why this happens ? that is because memory card it self need some memory.That is the part of compression.

Now another question will arise in your mind that What will happen  if i choose another brand ?
that going to be happen in each of brand.Don't focus on it more.

What is Reading/Writing speed ?

Each brand of card have its own performance depending on it there reading/writing speed changes, Reading means the speed of accessing the data from mobile and writing means  copying /moving data on memory card.sometimes in our memory we have less data still we get load while opening files that is due to less reading speed, sometimes a small file takes a lot time for copying that is due to less writing speed.

Which Brand provides best reading / writing speed ?

My personal opinion is samsung is good, i will choose samsung brand its reading speed is about  25 mb/sec and writing speed is about 14 mb/sec.

where can i find the card speed?

There are lots of videos of unboxing memory cards and their speed.You can check it out and compare with other bramds.

What are the classes of memory cards and how to recognize them ?

There are two kinds of Speed Class, "Speed Class" and "UHS Speed Class."

As a characteristic of flash memory, actual transfer speed varies. Variable speeds are difficult to reliably record streaming content such as video because it requires a constant writing speed. Speed Class and UHS Speed Class provide the constant speed necessary for video recording by designating a minimum writing performance so that minimum and constant speed could be achieved for camcorders, video recorders and other devices with video recording capabilities under the conditional write operation specified in the standard.

Speed Class, designated as Class 2, 4, 6 and 10, is designed for normal and high speed bus interface (mode) and UHS Speed Classes 1 and 3 are designed for UHS bus interface.

Now I am sure that after reading this article you will get the best deal while buying the memory cards.

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Know till when your "Laptop Battery" is going to walk with you :Get to Know your remaining battery life

99.99% Laptops perform bad in Battery life section (Which are the remaining 0.01% Laptops: I'll tell you in upcoming posts) Usually 2 to 3 years is the average Battery life of laptops(harsh to hear but True!!)

Our laptop battery doesn't charge to its full capacity with more and more charge cycles. And along with the time it loses its capacity and one day your laptop gets converted to a desktop( :(  Not literally.. ) that means Your battery will be dead or very weak.

We can not keep the battery to charge to its full capacity but there is a way in windows to check
the percentage to which your battery is charging. Actually its a secret Diagnostics Tool Provided by Windows.
It will give you the full Diagnostics Report for your laptop battery.It will contain the warnings, errors and
some advice about your battery life.

Here's something funny:

To Get this full diagnostics report here are the simple steps:

1) In start menu search for "cmd" In results right click to "Command prompt" and click "Run as Administrator"
2)Type in the cmd below lines
powercfg -energy -output \Energy_Report.html 

It will take 1 minute to analyze battery performance and generate the report.
You will see this line After successfully completing the process "See C:\Energy_Report.html for more details"
3) you can now check the report at C:\Energy_Report.html
4) In Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report Check the warnings and errors.
5) To view the charging capacity of your battery head over to
   "Battery:Battery Information"

In this section Design capacity is the full capacity of battery and last full charge tells the current
capacity of battery.
For newer Laptops the last charge capacity will be near to full capacity and older ones will show huge decrease in battery capacity.

Watch this image it shows a newer battery on left side and an older one in right side.

So Now you can check how your battery is performing. In one of my next article I will tell you some very useful tips to make battery live longer.

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How To access Laptop from Mobile Fully

Hey Webbers,

Each and every day we think that How we can access the Laptop from mobile that means if this happens then we can get all the control of the laptop in this we can play movies,videos,accessing ms office files and more everything that you want.What you think it can happen or not ? the answer is
Yes .

As the answer is Yes lets get know about this more in this article we are going to see How to access Laptop from Mobile in easy and simple way without any cost.You will think that you will need to have internet with huge speed.In this case if your laptop is at long distance from you like out of WI-FI range then only you will need a internet connection on your both devices. Not only you can play the content but also you can have the meetings,conference with employes.

In above I mentioned wi-fi range, Yes its all going to happen on your Laptop and Mobile wifi connection without a penny . Now I think that you are more excited Lets see without wasting time.

"Technology has to be invented or adopted - Jared Diamond "

Step 01 : To do this you will need a software named " Team Viewer" ,I think you all are known and familiar to this software. Its compatible with all versions of Microsoft Operating System.Its all about .exe file of Team Viewer but what about mobile we can not run .exe file in mobile so to handle this there is a app of Team Viewer in Play Store .You can download team viewer software from here TeamViewer.

Step 02 : Dowload the software and install it into your laptop with this download the app from android market and install it in your mobile.One important think we have to get into mind that is both the Laptop and mobile should be Wi fi enabled otherwise it will not work. Open both softwares it will look like

Desktop :


If your Laptop is connected to internet then automatically user id and password will get filled automatically  on desktop shown above in desktop version.

Step 03 : But what should we do ? when laptop is not connected to internet and how get this user id and password at that time you should change the settings like
On laptop software click on extras then Options in General Menu you will get incoming Lan connections make it Accept. Now you will get your user id and password.

Step 04 : Now its time to get connect and handle Laptop on your mobile put the user id of laptop into mobile where TeamViewer partners id is asked. Now click on Remote control on mobile.
After that we will get asked for password now put password shown below user id of laptop in mobile.
Here its wait for a while and the laptop screen will appear on mobile .Sometimes your laptop screen wallpaper will get change don't get worried about it. In settings you can arrange the quality , speed etc.

we can do alot things using team viewer software its a damn good more thing its not going to harm your mobile.Access things and Enjoy .

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Google's Secret Project " Tango "

Google really going to surprise this year with their latest technology.Google was working on its secret project that is Tango and good news for all its in last stage Lets have a look on Project Tango.

What is Project Tango?

Project Tango is a two and a half-year old smartphone and tablet 3D mapping enterprise. Google describes the goal of Project Tango as to "give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion". Basically, Google has developed a form of augmented reality technology which allows a mobile device to make a 3D scan of the objects and people around them in real-time and produce a 3D model.
Paul Furgale, deputy director of Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich, said Project Tango is "producing a solution to the visual navigation problem for how devices stay localised in 3D spaces" - e.g. sidestepping the need for GPS and creating an independent 3D model.
Google worked with universities, research labs and industrial partners to work out how to best package the technology for consumer devices, and created a 5-inch smartphone prototype with in-built infrared cameras and a 7-inch tablet with two back cameras for the developer community to test last year.

How does it work?

The smartphone and tablet devices are equipped with sensors which make more than 250,000 measurements a second to create a 3D model of the space around you.

What will it do? 

The devices could be used to create a new form of maps through the 3D model, giving you a more accurate sense of where you're supposed to go than current location-based map apps. This could be particularly useful for search and rescue teams, particularly if a building has collapsed and prior maps are now invalid.
It could also be used to build accurate 3D models before 3D printing, holding potentially huge implications for the future of product manufacturing.
Other examples Google gives include using one of the devices to capture the dimensions of your home before going furniture shopping, helping the visually-impaired to navigate unfamiliar indoor spaces and for scanning supermarkets to work out where the product you're searching for is shelved.

When can I use it?

Google is rumoured to be partnering with LG to produce consumer versions of the prototype devices to go on sale later this year.


How to encrypt and password protect your important files and folders

Sometimes we want to secure some files and don't want anyone to access them. Making these files hidden is the simple but unsecure method. Anyone can view them and make changes to them.
I tried many softwares but most of them were simply of no use with lots of ads and bulky.

 Computing is not about computers anymore. It is about living. ~Nicholas Negroponte, Being Digital, 1995

In this article, I am going to share with you a simple yet very effective way to conceal your important
files and folders.

STEP 1 :

Download this totally free amazing software - SafeHouse Explorer Download link

This software is free however provides some extra cool features after getting premium, but the free version is more than sufficient.

It works with windows xp,vista,7,8.1 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)
Install the software and once it gets complete select "New volume"
You can either create a single big volume or multiple smaller volumes with different types of files.

Enter the path where you want this volume to be created and give it a name.

STEP 2 :

Choose the volume size for this private volume
You will see a checkbox saying "preinitialize volume with random data", Let it be checked as by default.
It will fill the remaining space of your volume with random data increasing the measures of security.

Choose your password and select create volume
It will create a volume with the size and name specified by you

Open my computer and you will see a new drive with its name as label
You can simply drag and drop (See the image below- Drag and drop misunderstanding!!! ) your important files in this drive and those will be automatically get encrypted

STEP 3 : 

After adding all the files, in SafeHouse Explorer window select file -> close volume
Your protected volume won't be there in my computer now.
To access this volume go to the path you selected in first step.
Enter password and you will be able to access your files.

In this way your important folders will be kept very safe and no one could view or change them.
Keep your password strong and do not forget it.
In the future I will share an article about managing Passwords and their security.

 Treat your password like your toothbrush.  Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.  ~Clifford Stoll

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World’s first Ubuntu phone set to go on sale!!!!!

The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition will be the world's first Ubuntu Phone when it goes on sale in Europe on Monday 9 February, after years of false starts and broken promises.

It comes with a 4.5-inch QHD display, a quad-core MediaTek Cortex A7 processor clocked at 1.3GHz and 1GB of RAM. It also features a 5-megapixel front camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera.

Ubuntu Phone looks set to shake up the way we interact with our smartphones and the apps we've installed on them. Rather than laying out all the apps separately in grids as with Android and iOS, Ubuntu Phone is bringing in the revolutionary idea of "Scopes," which as Cristian Parrino, VP of Mobile at Canonical claims, is "a gamechanger"

Ubuntu Phone is looking to integrate content and services via "Scopes," which will integrate various apps and services into an easy to use interface, so users don't have to scroll through screens of icons.

For example the NearBy scope will aggregate local services centred around where you are and what you're doing, giving you reviews of local restaurants nearby, as well as the weather in your area. It should mean you no longer have to open up separate apps or web pages to view all of this information.

It will go on sale exclusively across Europe for 169.90 (around £127, $194, AU$249) on Monday 9 February in a flash sale. The website for the sale and the exact time the virtual doors will open will be revealed on @Ubuntu and @bqreaders on Twitter.

If you want to get your hands on one, you'll need to be quick as there will only be a limited amount of BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition devices available on Monday. Rodrigo del Prado, deputy director general of BQ, said  that further flash sales, and then more widespread availability across Europe will follow in the next two to three weeks.

A number of networks in Europe such as, giffgaff, and Portugal Telecom will offer sim bundles with the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition.

Time will tell if this direction will pay off and Ubuntu Phone can get the attention of disgruntled iOS and Android users.

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VLC customization: put a beautiful theme to VLC player

VLC - MetroX by Maverick07x
Are you bored with VLC's user interface? (Just like me) then this is the article for you

VLC is the most used media player which supports nearly all video formats and provides rich features.
[For those who don't have VLC: Here's the link to get latest version of vlc both 32 and 64 bit at My favorite software site ]
I like VLC and each time I update VLC, It disappoints me with the same UI (However the background features
get improved)

Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked.

Thats why I like to use themes on such apps and in this article I'm gonna show you the same for VLC.

It will only change the look, the working and background functioning is the same.
First things first, You can get the vlc themes from but
these are not that attractive but worth to give it a try.
You can simply search google for "VLC themes" and google will bombard you with cool sites with beautiful themes.(The standard but long drive way )
If you want to give your vlc a look like mine as shown in picture above then visit

Download the .rar file from the button on right top corner of the webpage.
Uncompress it and you will get a file with .vlt extension.

Create a folder anywhere in your folder to save all your vlc themes.I made the folder inside vlc in
C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC (so that I can place my all themes there and can remember the path
easily), you can have that folder anywhere you want though.

Now open vlc and go to preferences, select "use custom skin" instaed of "select native style"
Then give the path of your .vlt file below and hit save.
Restart the vlc player and you should see the change.

If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.

BUGS(only valid for this theme- Metro X 2.6.1 ):
There are some bugs in this particular skin, sometimes my 'alt+f4' doesn't work but it's ok for me.
If you can't see the control buttons because the videos are bigger than the screen resultion this should help:
- Preferences -> Interface Settings -> Look & Feel
- Switch to "Use native style"
- Uncheck "Resize interface to video size"
- Switch back to "Use custom skin"
- Save and close.
Play a video smaller than your resolution - now all movies should be the same size

Change Colors:
You can change the theme's color scheme from
the settings menu you get after clicking the icon like ... after the playback timer.

This is looking cool, isn't it.You can check similar beautiful themes in the same webpage at right panel.
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How to Make Gmail Account More Secure

we get sometime more trouble with our gmail account due to some cause we access our gmail account through  cyber cafe, using friends mobile,laptop etc at this situation in hurry we don't logout our gmail account this cause hacking our personal info,database or any other information.

To prevent this we got a trick , we can use the facility provided by Google i.e " Two Step Verification "

What is Two Step verification ?

Two Step verification is the facility by using it we can patch (connect ) our mobile number to our gmail account.This prov ides whenever we will go to access or open our gmail account Google will send a verification code to our registered mobile then using this code we will get log in to Gmail account.
It is totally free of cost no charges are going to apply as well as no need of internet on mobile to get this
code on mobile its simple as Normal message arrives on mobile.
one thing more i want to share you whenever you will going to log in Gmail you will get New code on mobile so for every login code will change and you need not need to save previous code , at another login previous code will be useless...
your original password will remains same it will not going to change and it is must required while logging

How to set this to Gmail ?

Step 1 : first login to your Gmail account with your username and password..

Step 2: Now At right corner where your profile photo appears click on profile photo or another hint click there from you get sign out your gmail account there click on a "Account setting" a new screen will appear.

Step 3: Now click on 2 step verification and follow the instructions you will get asked for mobile number and more just fill it and now your account  is set.Now just get a try to log in your account.with your user name and password a new screen will appear like this

  Step 4 : check out your mobile your code will be in your message box put that  code in shown above and click on verify..

Step 5 : You will get your mails in front of you.

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How to view sites in chrome even without internet

Chrome can be used in offline mode!!!

Yes this is something we always want, to work offline especially with those sites containing some very important
information like an address or contact number or tutorials or it can be anything like that.

The first option that comes to your mind is to save the webpage, but this is not feasible for large number of pages,
also there is another way to download the whole site content using some tools like Internet download manager or Wget (By the way Its called as web-ripping).
But this method also stinks as we don't have much time to do that also
why to waste so much data and space if we can do that the easy (actually very easy) way.

We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.
--Scott Cook

So whats the trick , here's how can you do that but first let me tell you something about cache.

Open a new tab in your chrome and go to chrome://cache/

What is this, so much links and giving a closer look will show you that these are the sites you visit.
(You will see a lot of google search queries and regular sites like gmail etc.)
Click on any link and the computer will start talking to you in an alian language(Its actually the hex
data with many indexes ). Its the cache stored by your browser
just to help you surf the net with quick access to your regular sites.
If you are an advanced web-user and clean off your caches at regular intervals then you wont get very much links also check that after clicking some links it shows very large content. Its the computers language and it saves so much space by storing it like that.
Its also storing some images like that in the same way.
I know what you are thinking now, those pages are stored in our computer but we have enable some
settings in chrome to access it in our language.

So how to do that, lets get to know.

Open a new tab in your chrome and go to chrome://flags/ 

These are some experimental features of chrome.Do not change anything other than what I say.
Search for the “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” option.
Click “Enable” against the option and restart your browser.

Now each time when you try to access a site without internet and if you have visited that site already then you will see a button showing you to "Load a Saved Copy"
Click it and you will see the page.
The offline browsing option was added in Chrome v36. If you are still using an older version, you need to open the Chrome flags page and enable the option that says “Enable Offline Mode.”

Isn't It cool so if you want to have access of some site in the future, just access it right now when you
have internet and do check all the pages so that those will get cached and you will be just good to go.

However keep that in mind that it can't cache each and every page you visit and with the very detail
but you can check going offline and see if you are getting the cached site.

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