How to view sites in chrome even without internet

Chrome can be used in offline mode!!!

Yes this is something we always want, to work offline especially with those sites containing some very important
information like an address or contact number or tutorials or it can be anything like that.

The first option that comes to your mind is to save the webpage, but this is not feasible for large number of pages,
also there is another way to download the whole site content using some tools like Internet download manager or Wget (By the way Its called as web-ripping).
But this method also stinks as we don't have much time to do that also
why to waste so much data and space if we can do that the easy (actually very easy) way.

We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.
--Scott Cook

So whats the trick , here's how can you do that but first let me tell you something about cache.

Open a new tab in your chrome and go to chrome://cache/

What is this, so much links and giving a closer look will show you that these are the sites you visit.
(You will see a lot of google search queries and regular sites like gmail etc.)
Click on any link and the computer will start talking to you in an alian language(Its actually the hex
data with many indexes ). Its the cache stored by your browser
just to help you surf the net with quick access to your regular sites.
If you are an advanced web-user and clean off your caches at regular intervals then you wont get very much links also check that after clicking some links it shows very large content. Its the computers language and it saves so much space by storing it like that.
Its also storing some images like that in the same way.
I know what you are thinking now, those pages are stored in our computer but we have enable some
settings in chrome to access it in our language.

So how to do that, lets get to know.

Open a new tab in your chrome and go to chrome://flags/ 

These are some experimental features of chrome.Do not change anything other than what I say.
Search for the “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” option.
Click “Enable” against the option and restart your browser.

Now each time when you try to access a site without internet and if you have visited that site already then you will see a button showing you to "Load a Saved Copy"
Click it and you will see the page.
The offline browsing option was added in Chrome v36. If you are still using an older version, you need to open the Chrome flags page and enable the option that says “Enable Offline Mode.”

Isn't It cool so if you want to have access of some site in the future, just access it right now when you
have internet and do check all the pages so that those will get cached and you will be just good to go.

However keep that in mind that it can't cache each and every page you visit and with the very detail
but you can check going offline and see if you are getting the cached site.

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