How to use different blasting templates to Blog

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Google provides the various different facilities one of them is Blogger. Using Blogger one can write and share his own articles ,thoughts ,ideas,inventions,information about anything to the world. You need not require any coding knowledge to start blogging ,To get started with blogging you can use your gmail account easily..
This session relates to, that Blogger provides very poor quality templates  and that appear on web looks dull that indicates lack of professionalism so How to make blog cool ,impressive, look like professional  and more fast and tremendous traffic to your blog ?

Answer is simple by using different templates created by another vendors and which are free of cost and will available on internet.

This post will make you known how to use/install  other templates to Blog 

Step 1 : Log on to the Blogger using your Gmail account.

Step 2 :When you will get logged you will get this window 

select your blog and will get another window.

Step 3 : Now you should have to doenload .xml templates from internet you can search as blogger templates on google .Download .xml template file

Step 4 : Now at left you will get option menu list on blogger window. first click on template and at upper right side corner click on Back up / restore .

step 5: when yo will click on Backup/restore above window will appear...for safety first click on Download Full template and save it at safe place .

step 6 : then click on choose template and select the template .xml file which is downloaded 
and just upload it will take little time to set then just refresh the page and click on view blog new applied template will appear with all your content.

Note : No harm.. if you do not like new look apply all these steps for another template .
          your data will not get lost until you delete it.first take back up of your template clicking                Download full template  as mentioned above.
          try at your own risk

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