Break administrator account password using Guest account via cmd

Hi friends Today we are going to learn most interesting concept about cmd that is command prompt.
sometimes it happens that we don't remember our administrator password of windows..or we are on someone else computer and we want to access the computer with administrator account at this both situation if Guest accounts are created (available) for use ....

so lets know how to break or unlock administrator password using Guest account
just few steps and you will be master of this trick

step 1: just login with Guest account

step 2 : search for cmd and open command prompt

  step 3: After opening cmd you will get this screen 

step 4: Here i am logged with my administrator account because i don't carry Guest account Now you should know exact account details of computer at that time use this command "net user "

when you will do this you will get all the accounts present on computer in above image "onkar" is only one account which is administrator Now i am going to change the password of  "onkar"

step 5: To change the password just hit the command in this way "net user (account name) * "
enter  account name which of password you want to break 
ex: i am doing this net user onkar *

step 6: When you will hit this command you will get asked to type new password   then type the password whatever you want and retype the password entered above again

step 7: When you will enter one message will get displayed in command prompt command submitted successfully and now you can login with new password of that account.

Note: Use Guest account to crack admin password
          When you will use administrator account to break administrator  account password
           the message will prompt that " access denied "
          Try at your own risk

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  1. Nice one, this helps us when we want to change forcefully the password of administrator. Maybe this trick ends with windows 7.